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Can I Dance At Another Studio While Also Dancing At Dex?

Absolutely! Different studios will have different offerings such as class schedules, teachers, genres, etc. You deserve to have what's best for you! 

If you are a competitive Dex dancer, we request that you dance solely at Dex to prevent scheduling conflicts.

What Are Dance Exams? Are They Mandatory? Why Would I Want To Take An Exam?

 Exams are tangible goals that the dancers work towards, passing their exam, and then moving onto the next “level”. Exams are not mandatory for anyone, totally up to the parent and their child.


Taking their dance exams can provide a child with many benefits including having a goal to work towards, increasing their confidence, providing them with credibility at auditions or in future dance careers, and of course improving their dance abilities.  

What Credibility Do Dex Teachers Have?

Every single one of our teachers has the proper education and experience to teach the classes they teach. Dex is a syllabus/exam based studio so it is important that all of our teachers can teach the appropriate material.


We are very proud of the letters behind our teacher's names. Be sure to check out our faculty page and teacher bios! 

Is The Such Thing As An Improper Dance Floor? What Kind Of Flooring Does Dex Have?

Yes, there is such thing; dancing on an improper floor can cause serious joint and muscle issues after extended periods of time. A proper flooring system for dancing on safely requires a sprung sub-floor and an effective surface floor.


Dex has wood & foam sprung sub-flooring and a commercial grade flooring on top. We have invested a lot into our floors and are very proud of them!

What Exactly Do The Fees I Pay Go Towards?

Regular tuition amounts cover all of our overhead: rent, utilities, wages, equipment, etc. 


For event or special fees (recital, competition, exams, etc) Dex firsts covers our costs (purchases, shipping, rentals, special guests, etc) and then we compensate our staff/teachers. Although they may not be paid an hourly wage at every event, we do our best to compensate their time and hard work in other ways.

How Do I Become A Competitive Dex Dancer?

The first step is to check off "yes" on your online registration form when it asks if you are interested in competition. Even if you have been a compeitive Dex dancer in the past, it is important you check "yes". 

We spend the first few weeks of classes moving dancers around and watching those who said "yes" to being interested in comp very closely. We consider this our "audition phase" - think of every class you are attending as an audition. 

Usually middle of October, we then send out invites via email to dancers who have been chosen to compete! 

Our recommendation is that competitive dancers take Jazz, Tap, and at least one of Hip Hop, Lyrical, or Acro if you'd like to be competitive. It is mandatory to take ballet and Barre None (11yr+).

Can I Watch My Dancer When They Are In Class?

Yes! We reserve our lobby for parents with dancers under the age of 6yrs. And we have viewing windows right in the lobby for parents to watch from. 

If your dancer is over the age of 6yrs and you would like to watch their class, send us an email to book some time at the viewing window. 

We also have a parent viewing week so that parents can come right in to the studio and watch the full class. 


How Important Is The Dress Code? Does My Dancer Have To Wear A Leotard, Tights, Etc?

Our dress code is very important. We expect that every dancer wears the appropriate class wear to every class. 

The only genre that does not require a bodysuit/leotard is hip hop. But it is important that all hip hop dancers wear clean indoor shoes to class. 

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