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Dexterity COVID-19 Waiver

It is important that this online waiver is submitted before your first class so that we know you are aware of our COVID-19 policies and procedures, agree to follow them, and understand the COVID-19 related risks. 

BEFORE acknowledging and signing below, please read the full Dexterity Dance Studio COVID-19 Policies & Procedures Package that was sent to you via email.


I have read, understand, and accept that...

My dancer(s) will not be allowed to enter Dexterity Dance Studio if  a parent/guardian or a dancer over the age of 12yrs answers yes to any of the pre-screening questions.

My dancer(s) must arrive to class with a parent/guardian able to acknowledge the pre-screening questions at the door, be sent with a printed copy of the prescreening questions filled out and signed, or be over the age of 12yrs to acknowledge for themselves. 

My dancer(s) is allowed to have a Dexterity Dance Studio faculty member or volunteer enter their personal bubble. The faculty member or volunteer will be wearing a mask. 

My dancer(s) is allowed to be touched by a Dexterity Dance Studio faculty member or volunteer. This could occur for example if your dancer needs to be spotted, receives physical touch for proper movement education, is injured and needs help, etc. The faculty member or volunteer will be wearing a mask. 

A parent/guardian needs to be available at all times to pick up my dancer should they develop COVID-19 related symptoms while at the studio. 

All parents and visitors must wear a mask inside Dexterity Dance Studio. 

Dancers must wear a mask when in the lobby, waiting in the dancer's lounge, or any other time they are not participating in their actual dance class. Dancers do not need to wear a mask while dancing. 

A parent/guardian must be ready and waiting outside the dancers' designated exit door (either in their car or standing PHYSICALLY DISTANCED from others) before class is scheduled to end. 

The lobby will only be open for parents with children dancing under the age of 6yrs or by special request. 

If my dancer is feeling unwell, they must stay home. 

Dexterity Dance Studio will not be accepting cash. They will also not accept payment at the desk. Payments can be made via ETR, post-dated cheques, or a credit card on file. 

By filling out the information and electronic signature below, I accept all COVID-19 related risks while enrolled at Dexterity Dance Studio

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