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Ballet Dancer


Professional dance instruction in a high quality studio environment


Gratitude, Inclusion, Integrity, Commitment, Community


To share our pure joy and love of dancing with the community by providing professional dance instruction in a high quality studio environment 


We strongly believe in the holistic development of our dancers. Our vision is to develop dancers that are physically, mentally, and emotionally the best that they can be.

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NEW Saturday Sessional Classes!


A parented class for little beans ages 1-2.5yr.


A Taylor Swift themed ballet class for ages 5-8yrs.


A Taylor Swift themed acro (dance/gymnastics) class for ages 6-9yr.

"Anna is excited to go to class every week, we are treated well at every turn, and the communication with parents is top notch. We didn't know a thing about Dexterity when we started but I am quite certain that it was the perfect place for Anna's introduction to ballet. We were so impressed by everything. She is going to be dancing at Dex for many years to come!"

- Sara Buckingham

"Dexterity Dance Studio is a welcoming and happy space and we feel privileged to be members of the Dex Dance Family. We love Miss Makenna and appreciate the genuine love and energy she puts into every aspect of the studio experience. She truly cares for all of her students and has put the well-being of her dancers first, from the very beginning. My daughter loves dancing and always looks forward to her classes. I know that she feels valued and respected at the studio. She loves her teachers, who are kind and positive role models- committed to the development of their dancers. I have watched my daughter grow as a dancer, develop a strong work ethic, and become a poised and confident performer. I love the respectful, caring, and capable young woman she is growing into- and I know she finds inspiration at Dex. As a parent, I couldn’t imagine a better place for my teenager to spend time."

- Amy Way

"Dex is safe and kind place for kids to thrive in and to boost their self confidence. It is a fun and compassionate dance studio, with deeply kind souls shaping the future in such a positive way for so many children. I am very impressed with how hard Dex is working to make such a terrific impact in people’s lives. I am ever so grateful that my daughter had an amazing experience this year and she is very excited to return in the Fall." 

- Vicky Alberto


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